1-Step Lightweight

Spackling Compound

Water Clean-Up

An interior/exterior patching product formulated not to shrink, even on large surface repairs. Ideal for filling holes and cracks in most common construction surfaces.

concrete, drywall, masonry, plaster, wallboard, wood


  • Cured spackling compound is rust/mildew resistant
  • Excellent filling capacity
  • Interior/exterior use
  • No shrinking or cracking
  • Non-slump formula for smooth application

SKU Listing
Product # Color Size Safety Data Sheet UPC
WL60512 White 1/2 Pint Download 023275605152
WL60520 White Quart Download 023275605206
Product #1
Product # WL60512
Color White
Size 1/2 Pint
Safety Data Sheet Download
UPC 023275605152
Product #2
Product # WL60520
Color White
Size Quart
Safety Data Sheet Download
UPC 023275605206